• How to claim your super

    If you're eligible for a DASP, you can submit a claim for it:

    Supporting documentation for your DASP claim

    You must be able to confirm your immigration status and prove your identity.

    If you make a claim using the DASP online application system:

    • We will verify your immigration status with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and, if you're eligible to apply for your super, we will provide confirmation of this on your electronic claim.
    • If your claim is $5,000 or more, your super fund will require certified copies of your proof-of-identification documentation – check with your fund to see what they require.

    If you choose to apply using the paper form, you will need to provide documentation directly to your super fund to verify your immigration status and proof of identity, regardless of the amount you are claiming.

    Find out about:

    Application fees

    If you apply online using the DASP online application system, the application is free.

    However, if you apply directly to your super fund using the paper form, a fee may apply for confirming your immigration status and proving your identity. For more information, check with your super fund.

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