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  • Your tax return

    Most individuals need to prepare and lodge a tax return each year. Use this information to understand your reporting obligations.

    A tax return is a form you complete online, on paper or get a tax agent to help you with, that tells us:

    • how much money (income) you earn
    • if you are claiming any deductions.

    We use this information to check if you:

    • have paid enough tax or too much
    • need to pay the Medicare levy or surcharge
    • can get any tax offsets (for example, the low and middle income tax offsets).

    If you pay more tax than you need to, we will refund the extra amount to you (this is known as a tax refund). If you don't pay enough tax then you may receive a tax bill.

    Reasons you need to lodge

    There are a number of reasons you may need to lodge a tax return. These include if you:

    • had any tax taken out (withheld) from income you receive
    • had $1 or more of foreign income
    • are a liable or recipient parent under a child support assessment
    • had business or investment income
    • are leaving Australia and have a study or training support loan.

    For more information about these reasons, go to Work out if you need to lodge a tax return.

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