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  • Approved organisation status

    Before we can endorse your organisation or its overseas aid fund as a DGR, your organisation has to be declared by the Minister for Foreign Affairs to be an 'approved organisation'.

    The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is responsible for managing the process of declaring an 'approved organisation' under the Overseas Aid Gift Deduction Scheme (OAGDS).

    Step 1

    You need to:

    • contact DFAT to review the eligibility criteria and to obtain the OAGDS guidelines for applying to become an 'approved organisation', these guidelines are available on the DFAT website
    • carefully review the eligibility criteria and guidelines to work out whether your organisation qualifies, including contacting DFAT for any assistance necessary
    • request a login for the online application system
    • start your application.

    Step 2

    DFAT will assess your application. If your organisation is assessed as meeting the criteria for an 'approved organisation' status, DFAT will submit the recommendation to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

    If the Minister for Foreign Affairs declares that your organisation is an 'approved organisation', the Minister will advise the Treasurer.

    Step 3

    DFAT will notify you of this in writing.

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    How to establish an overseas aid fund

    Step 1

    When DFAT notifies us that your organisation qualifies as an 'approved organisation', we will contact you about other requirements for DGR endorsement.

    We will work with you to make sure you have a developing country relief fund in place and will then seek approval of the fund from the Assistant Treasurer.

    Step 2

    The Assistant Treasurer will:

    • write to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, to us and to DFAT advising that the fund has been approved
    • organise for a notice to be published in the Government Notices Gazette (or Special Notices Gazette) declaring your fund to be a developing country relief fund.

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