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  • Developing country relief fund

    For the Treasurer to declare a public fund to be a developing country relief fund, the fund's documents must confirm several things, found in the checklist.

    Checklist of clauses

    • Rules and objects of the relief fund. A relief fund must have its own rules and objects. Clauses governing the establishment and administration of a relief fund can be inserted into an organisation's founding documents or can be contained in a separate document, which should be kept with the founding documents.
    • Receipts to issue in the name of the relief fund
    • Public invited to contribute. You must include a clause to state that the public are invited to contribute to the relief fund.
    • Management committee. A clause is required to state that the relief fund must be managed by members of a committee, and that the majority of committee members must have a degree of responsibility to the community. As a majority is required, the committee must be made up of at least three members.
    • Non-profit clause. A clause is required with words to the effect that the public fund must operate on a non-profit basis. This is separate to the non-profit clause for the organisation as a whole.
    • Winding-up clause. A clause is required with words to the effect that, should the organisation or the relief fund be wound-up, any surplus money or other assets in the relief fund will be transferred to some other fund qualifying under the OAGDS to which income tax deductible gifts can be made.
    • ATO advised of changes. An undertaking in writing or the inclusion of a clause in the founding documents is required to the effect that we will be notified of any changes to them, reflecting on the operational or financial arrangements of the fund.
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