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  • Examples – SMSFs and SuperStream

    Example 1: Unrelated employer

    You're an SMSF trustee receiving contributions from a small employer (19 or fewer employees).

    Your employer plans to:

    • use a clearing house that will make super contributions on their behalf in the SuperStream standard
    • start making contributions using SuperStream from 28 April 2016.

    Your employer asks you to provide your SMSF details by 28 February 2016 (60 days before the start date) to help them get ready. As requested, you advise your employer of your SMSF's ABN, bank account details and electronic service address, and they update their payroll records.

    Your employer sends their contribution data and payments to the clearing house for processing. The clearing house will use your SMSF details to send your contributions payment to your nominated SMSF bank account. The associated contributions message will be sent to the electronic service address you provided to your employer.

    As the trustee, you will be able to login to your administrator’s portal to view the message and confirm the payment and data reconcile.

    End of example

    Example 2: SMSF receives contributions only from family business

    SuperSavings SMSF has been established for your family, and all members of the SMSF are either owners or employees of the family business. No members receive contributions from other employers.

    Because of the direct link between ownership of the family business and membership of the SMSF, the SMSF meets the related party exemption. This means the SMSF doesn't need to receive contributions sent using SuperStream.

    Your family business also has other employees who belong to other super funds. Your business will need to use SuperStream to send employer contributions to their funds.

    End of example

    Example 3: SMSF receives contributions from family business and other employers

    The SMSF has three members. You're self-employed (and meet the related party exemption) and your wife and son work for other (non-related) employers. Because the SMSF receives contributions from non-related party employers, it needs to be able to receive employer contributions sent using SuperStream.

    Your wife and son must provide their employers with details of the SMSF's ABN, bank account and electronic service address so their employers can implement SuperStream.

    End of example

    Example 4: SMSF member requests a rollover from their APRA fund

    You're a new member of SuperSavings SMSF and have an existing account with an APRA fund. You want to request a rollover of your whole balance with the APRA fund into your new SMSF. You can request this transfer using ATO online services or the paper form. From 1 October 2021, your SMSF must be able to receive the rollover via SuperStream. Where your SMSF cannot interact via SuperStream, you cannot roll money into or out of your SMSF.

    End of example

    Example 5: SMSF member elects to release excess contributions

    You're a member of SuperSavings SMSF and have made an election to release an amount of excess contributions from your fund via ATO online services. Your SMSF is not required to use SuperStream to receive the release authority.

    If your SMSF can't receive the release authority using SuperStream, the release authority will be posted and must be actioned manually.

    Where your SMSF can receive the release authority using SuperStream, the request is received and processed faster – so you receive your money sooner.

    End of example
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