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  • Systems advice and alerts

    We undertake regular maintenance of our systems to ensure they provide the services you need. Where possible, we do this outside normal business hours in scheduled system maintenance.

    Our operational dashboards provide near real-time information on the current availability and performance of our systems:

    Notification of system maintenance

    We'll notify agents of other maintenance outside of the scheduled weekly maintenance in the Tax professionals newsletter.

    If we need to perform maintenance outside a scheduled window at short notice, we'll send a Tax professionals system advice email to agents who subscribe to receive our Tax professionals alerts.

    Notification of unplanned system incidents

    Check our operational dashboards if you are experiencing an issue using our systems. The dashboards will provide current information in the event of a system incident.

    We will send an email to agents who subscribe to receive our Tax professionals alerts in a major unplanned system incident that is causing ongoing significant impact to the tax profession.

    We don't send alerts for:

    • known issues – we list these on the Notifications section of OSfA
    • planned system maintenance or known technical issues – we list these on our System maintenance and Technical support pages, and communicate them by other channels, like our Tax professionals newsletter.

    Subscribe to receive system advice and alert messages

    You and your practice staff can subscribe to our Tax professionals system advice and alert services. You can also subscribe multiple email addresses or phone numbers.

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    Email subscription

    You can subscribe to receive Tax professionals system advice and alert emails. Once you have subscribed, you will receive a confirmation message.

    We recommend you add to your 'safe' or 'preferred sender' list in your email settings to ensure you receive the system advice and alert emails.

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    SMS subscription

    To receive or opt out of the SMS alert service, send an email from your business email account to and include:

    • subject line 'Subscribe SMS alert' or 'Unsubscribe SMS alert'
    • registered agent number
    • mobile phone number
    • postcode.

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    Privacy details

    We will only use your email address for the purpose for which you have given it, or any other purpose permitted under the Privacy Act 1988.

    Your email address, name and location will be used for the sole purpose of the providing you with the Tax professionals system advice and alert emails. These emails will be tailored to notify you of events in your region. No other personal information will be provided to, collected or stored by our Australian online marketing platform service provider, Swift Digital.

    Our privacy policy contains important information as to how you may:

    • access your personal information held by us
    • seek correction of that information
    • complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, and how we will deal with such a complaint.

    What information is collected and stored

    Only the email address, name and location you use to subscribe to the Tax professionals system advice and alert emails is provided to Swift Digital.

    You will not be asked to provide any further details when you subscribe to the Tax professionals system advice and alert emails. Nor will any other personal information be collected or stored by Swift Digital.

    Swift DigitalExternal Link is an Australian company that stores all data in Australia.

    Swift Digital maintains your data in compliance with Australia's Spam Act 2003 and Australian Privacy Provisions.

    Go to the Swift Digital website for more information on:

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