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Commitment to child safety

Explains our commitment to child safety with our dealings in any activities where we have contact with children.

Last updated 11 October 2023

We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people involved in our activities and programs including the Tax, Super + You secondary education (in person and online).

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) child safe commitment

We have legal obligations in relation to activities where we are involved in working with children and young people.

Child safety and wellbeing is embedded in our organisational leadership, governance and organisational culture. We aim to create a child safe and child friendly environment where all children and young people are valued and feel safe.

This reflects our commitment to the:

Our interaction with children and young people

We require ATO staff members who attend any school (or equivalent school setting), as part of our Tax, Super +You secondary student education program by delivering webinars and attending school expos and events, to maintain a Working with Children checkExternal Link (or equivalent) clearance in the state or territory to which the school belongs.

We are committed to ensuring that:

  • all staff are responsible for ensuring a safe environment for children and young people
  • all staff who work with children or young people have a Working with Children check in each state or territory (or both) in which they perform their activities with children and young people (including online or in person).

Respecting equity and diversity

As an Australian Public Service agency, we are committed to fostering diversity in the workplace and recognising the diversity of the Australian community as set out in the Australian Public Service Commissioner’s Direction 2016External Link and section 10A of the Public Service Act 1999.

ATO child safe risk assessment

The outcome of the child safe risk assessment for the ATO is that we: