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Consultation groups

The ATO has several existing groups, each with a clear purpose, which may be used to conduct consultation.

Last updated 2 April 2023

These groups comprise a diverse range of stakeholders.

Special purpose working groups

Special purpose working groups consult on specific topics or issues and close when the consultation is complete. They consist of subject and industry experts who help us work through the implementation impacts of new or potential changes to legislation, products, processes or services.

Stakeholder relationship groups

Stakeholder relationship groups foster our relationships with key stakeholders. We provide information on current issues and seek their input on key changes and industry impacts.

Stewardship groups

Stewardship groups are strategic, high-level groups who play a stewardship role for a client market or product segment across the tax, superannuation and registry systems. Stewardship groups do not undertake detailed consultation activities.

For each of these groups you can find information about their purpose, contact details and membership as well as the key messages from meetings.

Consultation groups closed within the past 3 years are also listed along with the key messages from their last meeting.

Find out more:

Stewardship groups are our key whole-of-system consultative groups.

Stakeholder relationship groups consult with business and industry experts to improve the tax and super systems.

Special purpose working groups to consult on specific matters and dissolve when that matter is completed.

Closed consultation group and key messages for the past three years.