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ATO Online Superannuation Screens Communications Working Group key messages 9 June 2021

ATO Online Superannuation Screens Communications Working Group key topics 9 June 2021.

Last updated 3 August 2021

Opening address

The chairperson welcomed members to the ATO Online Superannuation Communications Working Group to discuss the ATO Online system release scheduled for 19–20 June 2021 and other changes to ATO Online to be delivered on or around 1 July 2021.

Your Future, Your Super update

An update on the progress of the Your Future, Your Super measure was provided by the project lead.

ATO Online changes are subject to the passage of law and to any amendments on timeframe, but members were advised that the package will include a new:

  • ‘comparison tool’ in the authenticated ATO online environment to allow individuals to compare mySuper products
  • ‘stapled super fund’ service for employers to request and receive details of an existing superannuation fund account for any new employee (who has not exercised ‘choice’) to avoid the creation of new accounts.

Upcoming June deployment

A walkthrough of the ATO Online screens changes for the 19–20 June 2021 system release was provided. The discussed changes to be delivered on or around 1 July 2021.The changes include,

Transfer balance cap indexation

As a result of indexation occurring on 1 July 2021, the transfer balance cap screen on ATO Online required modification to:

  • display the client’s Personal Transfer Balance cap
  • add an explanation about how this may change when the ATO receives new reporting or information relevant to their personal transfer balance cap.

The change is supported by two refreshed Help Aside questions and answers that were provided to members.

Contribution caps indexation

There are no functional on-screen changes, but as a result of indexation occurring on 1 July 2021, there will be updated data on the:

  • concessional contributions screen
  • carry-forward concessional contributions screen
  • bring-forward arrangement screen.

The ATO advised that the ATO Online help aside content and linked web content has been updated to recognise the newly indexed numbers.

Proposed new super functionality in ATO App

The ATO App update is expected to be released during Tax time 2021. It provides secure access to a personalised tax and super experience.

Users authenticate via their myGov account and together with their device’s security features, this allows them to have streamlined and secure access to their personalised super information.

For super, users can view a list of all super accounts in their name that have been reported to the ATO, including accounts that they may have lost or be unaware of.

Users can easily explore account balances and view superannuation information and actions that are personalised to their circumstances.

Updates and additions to super scenarios in ATO Online simulator

The ATO annual refresh of data has been completed and will go live on 1 July 2021.

ATO Online functionality changes since July 2020 are now included in the Simulator.

Data to support all the new functionality and to update existing functionality has now been added.

Members were encouraged to access the: