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School education program

Resources for Australian teachers to help teach tax and superannuation in schools.

Last updated 10 July 2023

School education resources

Our vision is that every child will understand and value our tax and superannuation systems by the time they start working or leave school.

You can help teach our children the basics of tax and super in only a few hours per year using our free educational resources.

We have worked with teachers to develop these resources to help you teach tax and super in both primary and secondary schools. The content is mapped to the curriculum and is interactive with lesson plans for both online and paper activities.

Our primary school resource Paying It Forward focuses on teaching values and actions to help establish strong foundations for learning about tax and super. An accredited professional development course is also available.

Our secondary school resource Tax, Super + You is a complete learning management system and includes fun, animated and interactive elements designed to appeal to students.

We also offer free secondary school webinar presentations for students or teachers about how the Australian tax and superannuation systems work.

Research to support teaching tax and super in schools

We have commissioned research that shows that young people have been leaving school without sufficient education in tax and super.

There is almost universal support for the inclusion of education about tax and super in the school curriculum from parents and the wider community. The majority of those surveyed believed that knowledge about tax and super is a critical life skill for young people.

It is widely agreed that education about tax and super should be the responsibility of both parents and schools. Ninety-five per cent of parents and the wider community think that learning about tax and super should be included in the curriculum (Kantar Public 2018).