Retail sales

WET usually doesn't apply to retail sales. However, you generally have to pay WET on a retail sale if there hasn't already been a wholesale sale where WET was payable – for example, if:

  • you are a wine producer who makes retail sales
  • you bottle bulk wine and sell it by retail
  • you're a wholesaler who also makes retail sales and you bought the wine under quote.

Retail sales are sales made directly to the consumer and include:

  • sales through the internet (including internet auctions)
  • mail order
  • wine clubs
  • cellar doors
  • bottle shops
  • hotels
  • restaurants and cafes.

Re-packaging wine for retail sale

If you purchase wine at a price that includes WET, and then repackage the wine for retail sale, you'll be liable for WET.

Where you become liable for WET on the sale of the re-packaged wine, you can claim a credit for any WET you paid on the bulk wine you purchased.

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