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WET credits

When you are and aren't entitled to a wine equalisation tax (WET) credit.

Last updated 7 April 2021

When you are and aren’t entitled to a wine equalisation tax (WET) credit.

You're entitled to a WET credit if you:

  • paid WET in error or overpaid WET – for example, a wholesaler sells wine and pays WET, but subsequently allows a settlement discount
  • are liable to pay WET on wine that has already had WET paid on it
  • wrote off bad debts that included WET you had paid
  • are entitled to the wine producer rebate.

You are not entitled to claim a WET credit:

  • for wine you have bought for a price that includes WET unless you have a WET liability for a subsequent sale of the wine
  • if you do not have a WET liability
  • when you make a GST-free supply, for example a GST-free export.

This applies to:

  • all wines sold or dealt with from 1 July 2018
  • 2018 vintage wine (where more than 50% of the grapes used to make the wine were crushed from 1 January 2018) sold or dealt with from 1 January 2018.

There are different circumstances when you can claim WET credits for 2017 and earlier vintage wine sold before 1 July 2018.

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  • When you have to pay WET
  • WETR 2009/1 Wine equalisation tax: the operation of the wine equalisation tax system (paragraphs 118 to 122 (Trade incentives) and paragraphs 199B to 199E (Wine tax credits)).

Claiming credits

If you're registered for GST and WET, you should claim WET credits through your BAS. You must do this within four years from the day after you were required to lodge your BAS for the tax period in which the WET credit entitlement arises.

If you're not registered for GST (and are not required to be) you may be entitled to claim a credit for WET in limited circumstances. This includes:

  • where WET is paid in error or overpaid
  • where WET is paid on a local entry of wine for which a drawback of Customs duty is (or would be be) applicable.

If you believe you may be entitled to claim a credit, contact us at to discuss your circumstances.

You can only claim if the total amount of credit claimed is $200 or more. You must provide supporting documents and lodge your claim within four years of when the WET credit entitlement arose.

If you're an approved New Zealand participant, you claim the producer rebate using the Application for payment of WET rebate by an approved NZ participant.

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Over claimed credits

If you over claim a WET credit, it will be treated as tax payable from the time of the over claim. You must repay the over claim by including it as WET payable on your BAS.

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