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In detail

Detailed information about imputation.

Check Trans-Tasman imputation rules that allow New Zealand companies to enter the Australian imputation system.

The special rules for calculating your franking deficit tax (FDT) liability if you are a late balancer.

Learn about dividend washing - when a taxpayer takes advantage of the special ASX trading market.

How to apply the last-in first-out (LIFO) method for the holding period requirement.

Work out if you can apply for permission to depart from the benchmark rule.

Work out over-franking tax, which must be paid by franking entities that over-frank distributions.

Subject to available franking credits, a co-operative company can choose to frank distributions to shareholders.

Check imputation rules that include rules to accommodate consolidated groups and multiple entry consolidated groups.

Find how corporate tax entities can use franking tax offsets to determine their current year tax loss position.

Check your eligibility for a deduction on your non-portfolio dividends for resident companies.

Check imputation rules that apply for exempting and former exempting entities.

Learn about share capital account tainting rules - integrity rules for companies in Division 197 of the ITAA 1997.

Understand how to find out if trustees are eligible for a tax offset or refund of excess imputation credits.