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Findings from the Next 5,000 program

Our observations and insights from the Next 5,000 tax performance program.

Last updated 27 November 2023

About this report 
What our findings report for the Next 5,000 tax performance program covers.

Key findings 
A summary of our observations for income tax and GST up to 31 August 2023 and what this report covers.

Findings in detail 
The Next 5,000 program's latest findings, as at 31 August 2023, through our finalised streamline assurance reviews.

Next 5,000 groups and how we engage 
Characteristics of Next 5,000 privately owned and wealthy groups and our engagement with them during streamline assurance and risk reviews.

Streamline assurance reviews 
About our streamline assurance reviews of the Next 5,000 groups.

Risk based reviews 
How we undertake risk reviews for the Next 5,000 groups.