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eInvoicing for tax professionals and business advisers

How to support your clients in getting started with eInvoicing and help enhance your clients' digital capability.

Last updated 8 April 2024

Benefits for you and your clients

Tax professionals, accountants, bookkeepers and business advisers play a critical role in encouraging and supporting business to adopt eInvoicing.

eInvoicing enables process automation and reduces manual entry. It increases efficiency and productivity and helps shift the focus to higher-value services.

eInvoicing can help your clients:

  • transform their business processes though digital technology
  • meet their reporting obligations more easily
  • improve their cash flow and resilience
  • save them time and money by reducing manual data entry
  • use a safer, more secure channel to send and receive invoices.

Getting your clients started

There are many ways to help your clients get started with eInvoicing:

  • Know your clients’ business process and rules.
  • Understand your clients' effort and cost per invoice and their invoice volumes by supplier and value. Determine if eInvoicing will benefit your client. If it does, make eInvoicing a priority.
  • Confirm that your clients' software is eInvoicing ReadyExternal Link. Business accounting software packages have eInvoicing capability and provide supporting instructions on their website.
  • Help your clients get set up for eInvoicing in their software – it is quick and easy.
  • Encourage your clients to try eInvoicing with a few trading partners to start and then help your client onboard other trading partners to the eInvoicing channel.
  • Start communicating about eInvoicing with your clients, their suppliers and customers. Advise them to start using eInvoicing. As more businesses are connected to the Peppol network, the greater the benefits are for everyone.
  • Share the Getting started with eInvoicing for small business information with your small business clients so they can learn more about eInvoicing.
  • Speak to your existing software provider about when and if they will become ready for eInvoicing, or locate an eInvoicing Ready software productExternal Link.
  • Look up eInvoicing accredited service providersExternal Link to learn more about their services for your medium to large business clients.
  • Watch our curious accountant videoExternal Link to find out the benefits for you and your clients.
  • Keep an eye on upcoming events about eInvoicing for further opportunities to learn more.