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Detailed information about GST and your industry.

Work out if your sales of ACE courses are GST free as a recognised adult and community education (ACE) course provider.

Use this guide to help you work out what health services and equipment are GST-free.

How GST applies to the provision of personal aquatic survival skills and how this differs from swimming lessons.

Conditions for residential care services provided to aged and disabled people to be GST-free.

Work out when your supplies of home care services are GST-free.

Information about how GST applies to services provided by workers and establishments in the sex industry.

Information on how GST applies to small-scale technology certificates (STCs) for homeowners, businesses, installers and REC agents.

Sales of animals are subject to GST while sales of meat for human consumption are GST-free.

How to work out if you are conducting gambling activities, how GST applies to the gambling sales you make and how to account for gambling supplies on your activity statement.

Detailed information about GST and the financial services and insurance industry.

Detailed information about GST and the food industry.

Detailed information about GST and crypto assets.