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What employees need to know

A summary for employees on how to access their information.

Last updated 12 November 2023

Accessing information

Once you start reporting through STP, your employees’ YTD tax and super information will be available in ATO online services, accessed through myGov. If your employees use a tax agent, their tax agent will also have access to this information. This has not changed under STP Phase 2.

What has changed is that:

  • your employees’ income statements will include some of the extra detail you have reported through STP Phase 2
  • we will now share the information you have reported with Services Australia who will use this information to help their customers when reporting their employment income.

YTD data

The YTD data employees see may not always align with the data in your payroll solution – for example, when your reported information needs to be corrected in your next pay event.

Having a myGov account

It is not mandatory for employees to have a myGov account. However, if they want to access their information online throughout the year, they will need one.

It's easy to create a myGovExternal Link account, and there is online helpExternal Link available. Once it's set up, employees can link their myGov account to a range of government services, including the ATO. See Create a myGov account and link it to the ATO.

Interaction of STP with payment summaries

You will not be required to provide your employees with payment summaries for the information you report and finalise through STP. Your employees will see information reported through STP in myGov. This information is called an income statement.

Tax agents will also have access to this information through Online services for agents.

Employees who do not create a myGov account will need to phone us for a copy of the information reported through STP.

Payments and amounts withheld that were not reported through STP must be included on a payment summary and you must send a payment summary annual report to us.

myTax pre-fill

The information you report to us through STP will be pre-filled into myTax at the end of the financial year for your employees who prepare and lodge their own tax return.

We'll notify your employees at the end of the financial year when the STP information they need to complete their tax return is ready.

Until employees receive this notification from the ATO, the STP information they see in myGov may not align with the data in your payroll solution.