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What STP means for employees

If your employer reports through STP, you can see your year-to-date tax and super information in ATO online services.

Last updated 18 September 2019

If your employer reports to us through STP, you'll notice some changes.

Find your tax and super information in ATO online services

You can see your year-to-date tax and super information in your ATO online services (accessed via myGov).

We've created a video that shows you how to set up a myGov account and link to the ATO.

It’s not compulsory to have a myGov account. However, you won’t be able to see your tax and super information online without one.

Tax and super information updated each time you're paid

Your ATO online services account shows the year-to-date tax and super payments made by your employer since the start of the financial year.

This information is updated each time your employer pays you. It may take a few days for the information to show in ATO online services.

Your payment summary

The income statement is the new name for your payment summary (which some people call a group certificate).

Your income statement will be available in ATO online services after the end of the financial year.

Your employer does not have to give you a paper or digital payment summary for the information they report through STP.

When your income statement is ‘Tax-ready’, we’ll send a notification to your myGov Inbox.

If you don't have a myGov account linked to the ATO you can phone us on 13 26 61 to get a copy of your income statement.

You can continue to lodge your tax return the same way as you do now. This may be through a registered tax agent or myTax.

Check if your super has been paid

Each time they report to us, your employer will tell us how much super they are required to pay to your fund.

Your super fund will let us know when they have received the payment.

Remember, employers pay super contributions at different times, and that’s OK. However, they must pay at least quarterly.

Your registered tax agent can access your income statement

Your tax agent will know if your employer reports through STP.

Your income statement will be available for your agent so they can prepare your tax return.

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