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You must be registered for the Product Stewardship for oil program (PSO) to claim the benefit.

Last updated 31 March 2022

You must register for the Product Stewardship for oil program (PSO) before you claim the benefit. However, registering is not confirmation that you are entitled to claim.

Register using our online services

The easiest way to register for PSO is by using our online services. You will receive a confirmation with a receipt ID. Follow the steps below to register online using Online services for business:

  • select Lodgments, then Reports and forms
  • select Product stewardship for oil registration, then Register
  • complete all mandatory fields and review the information
  • tick the Declaration box and select Submit

Alternative option to register

If you cannot access our online services you can register for PSO through your registered tax or BAS agent.

If you need help with your application, phone us.

If your business changes or ceases, you should cancel your registration.