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Compare your business now

You can compare your business's performance against others in your industry by using our small business benchmarks.

Last updated 13 March 2024

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About our benchmarks

Our benchmark methodology has been verified as statistically valid by an independent organisation and is consistent with international approaches.

Our benchmarks:

  • are based on the biggest data set available – calculated from over 1.9 million small business tax returns
  • account for businesses with different turnover ranges across 100 industries
  • are published as a range to recognise the variations between businesses and differing location and circumstances.

We allocate business data to a business type based on a combination of:

  • business industry code
  • the main business activity listed on the tax return
  • the trading name label of the business.

Compare your business performance

Step 1: Get your information ready

First, make sure you have your information ready and see what you need to calculate your benchmark.

Step 2: Start calculating

When you compare your business performance:

  • choose the right industry code for your business using the business industry code tool
  • if you operate more than one business, calculate information for each of them separately and indicate this on your income tax return.

To compare your business performance, you can:

You can use the benchmarks:

  • to see how your business is tracking against the benchmarks at least once a year, before lodging your tax return
  • as a guide to help you set up and understand industry standards if you are new to business.

Step 3: Check your results

After you check your results, consider what it means if you are outside the benchmark.

Other business performance tools

Benchmarks are only part of the analysis of your business. You can also use the:

If you need help understanding how to improve your business performance, consult a business adviser or tax professional.

Use our checklist to make sure you have the information you need to start comparing your business performance.

How to manually calculate your business benchmark and compare your performance.