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Getting endorsed for tax concessions or as a DGR

Introduces the 2 types of endorsement - charity tax concessions and deductible gift recipient (DGR).

Last updated 25 April 2018

Your organisation must be endorsed by us if you want to:

  • access tax concessions as a charity, and/or
  • receive deductible gift recipient status.

What are the types of endorsement?

There are two types of endorsement:

Being endorsed for charity tax concessions does not mean your organisation is automatically endorsed as a DGR. You must seek endorsement for both.


Media: [Registration and endorsement of your not-for-profit] (Duration: 01:49)

Charities must be endorsed by us if they want to access charity tax concessions. Charity tax concessions include income tax exemption, GST concessions and FBT concessions. Charities that are endorsed to access any of these concessions are known as tax concession charities or TCCs.

If a not-for-profit organisation wants to receive gifts and contributions that are income tax deductible, it must be a deductible gift recipient (DGR).