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  • Super guarantee charge statement and calculator tool

    Use the super guarantee charge (SGC) statement and calculator tool to work out your SGC liability for an employee's SG.

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    When to use the SGC statement and calculator tool

    You can use the Super guarantee charge statement and calculator tool to work out the super guarantee charge (SGC) liability for your applicable employees. You need to pay SGC if you have not paid the correct amount of SG contributions to an employee's super fund on time.

    The calculator tool will allow you to generate a PDF version of the SGC statement. Use this to fill in the Excel version of the SGC statement and then lodge it online.

    Use the following steps to lodge online for your business or as a tax professional.

    Lodging for businesses

    Lodge the SGC statement via Online services for business or Online services for individuals as follows:

    • Attach the completed spreadsheet to a new Secure mail message.
    • Select Superannuation as the topic.
    • Select Lodge SGC statement as the subject.

    You can lodge up to 6 attachments each message. Each attachment must be 6 MB or less.

    Lodging for tax professionals

    Lodge the SGC statement via Online services for agents as follows:

    • Go into Practice mail and select New.
    • Select Superannuation as the topic.
    • Select Lodge SGC statement as the subject.
    • Attach the completed spreadsheet.

    Outbound messages have a maximum of 6 attachments. Each attachment has a maximum file size of 6 MB.

    If you are unable to lodge via these methods, phone us on 13 10 20 for other options.

    For more information, see:

    Note: Norfolk Island employers should not use this tool because a different super guarantee (SG) rate currently applies – see Norfolk Island – super for employers.

    If you have paid SG late

    If you have paid super guarantee late, you are also:

    • required to lodge an SGC statement
    • liable to pay the SGC.

    You may be able to elect to receive a late payment offset (LPO). An LPO can only be used for contributions paid before you receive an SGC assessment.

    For more information, see Missed and late super guarantee payments.

    How to use the SGC statement and calculator tool

    This is a general guide. Some information may not specifically relate to your personal situation. You must check the information you have entered is correct. The calculator result depends on the accuracy of the information you provide.

    SGC statement and calculator tool

    The tool will ask you a series of questions. These will determine if you are required to pay the SGC for your employees. It will also calculate the amounts payable.

    Who can use the tool

    As an employer, you can use the calculator tool to prepare an SGC statement for periods after 1 July 2003 if you did not either:

    • pay enough super contributions for your eligible employees by the quarterly cut-off date
    • meet your choice of super fund obligations for the quarter.

    For any period before 1 July 2003, you will need to complete a blank SGC statement form.

    Information you need before using the tool

    We recommend you have the following information ready before you start using the tool:

    • your business tax file number (TFN) or Australian business number (ABN)
    • the personal details of all relevant employees, including their        
      • names
      • TFNs
      • dates of birth
      • super fund details
    • salary or wage amounts and payment dates for each quarter for all relevant employees
    • all super payment amounts and dates for all relevant employees.

    Tips and tricks when using the tool

    These tips and tricks can save you time when using the SGC statement and calculator tool.


    • Have all your information ready with you before starting.
    • If you don't understand something, there are key terms within the calculator tool. These are written in blue text and linked to a help file. Click on the term for help.
    • If you see a tool tip (marked with a question mark symbol), you can hover your mouse over it for a brief explanation of the information required.
    • You can find further information by clicking on the Help button located at the top of the calculator tool.

    Using the tool:

    Saving information you've entered into the tool

    You can't currently save information as you enter it into the calculator tool. We are working on a save function for future updates.

    Pausing while using the tool

    Your session in the calculator tool can expire (time out) if you do not enter any details. You should limit the time where you don't enter any data.

    Accuracy of the tool

    We have made every effort to ensure the calculator tool is accurate. However, the outcome derived depends on the accuracy of the information you provide.

    Please note that nominal interest is only calculated up to the day on which you use the calculator. It will continue to accrue until a completed and signed statement is lodged with us. If the nominal interest has increased by the time you lodge, you will receive an amended notice of assessment advising the new amount.

    Information as you proceed through screens

    You may not see all of the screens when using the calculator tool. The tool will direct you to the relevant screens for you to complete.

    Payments to super funds

    Use the Yes and No buttons to indicate whether you paid any super for your employee for the quarter specified.

    If you answer Yes, you will be prompted to enter more details about the payment. This will include the type of fund you made the payment to and when you made the payment.

    Late payment offset (LPO)

    If you made late contributions for your employee, you may be able to offset them against your SGC for that employee.

    You'll be asked to enter the amount of late payment you wish to apply against the relevant employee details.

    Summary screen

    This information should be used to fill out the Excel version of the SGC statement. You can attach this to Secure mail message in Online services for business for faster lodgment.

    Click the Generate SGC statement button. The information will be split into quarterly statements for lodgment.

    Editing entered data

    Editing employee details or payment amounts

    We recommend you continue entering information for your employees until you click the Save employee button.

    You can edit previously entered employee details by clicking on the Edit link for the relevant employee. Then click the Edit link for the quarterly period you are amending.

    Enter the full period

    You need to enter the full period.

    Note: Any information you previously input for the affected employee will be lost if the period is changed afterwards. It is therefore important to enter the full period for each individual employee in the first instance.

    How the SG charge is calculated

    The calculator automatically calculates your SG charge.


    We welcome your feedback on the SGC statement and calculator tool. You can provide feedback by filling in our ATO calculators feedback form.

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