• What is the Superannuation guarantee (SG) eligibility decision tool?

    This decision tool will help you understand whether you need to make super guarantee contributions for any individuals you employ (including any contractors who are treated as employees for super purposes).

    You will be asked a short series of questions about the nature of the work arrangement between your business and the worker. Based on your answers you will be given a decision that advises whether you need to pay super for the worker in the arrangement you described.

    You will remain anonymous at all times. We don't record any of your personal information.

    You cannot stop part way through the decision tool and save your answers to finish later.

    Important information

    The decision about whether the worker is eligible for super guarantee contributions is limited to the arrangement you describe when answering the questions. You can't rely on the decision if the arrangement changes or for different arrangements with other workers.

    Next steps

    Last modified: 24 Feb 2016QC 19257