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Approved forms – overview

An approved form is a return, notice, statement, application or other document that meets relevant legal requirements.

Last updated 28 March 2021

A return, notice, statement, application or other document is in the approved form if it meets all the requirements of subsection 388-50(1) of Schedule 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953, that is:

  • it is in the form approved in writing by the Commissioner for that kind of document
  • it contains a declaration signed by a person or persons as the form requires
  • it contains the information that the form requires, and any further information, statement or document as the Commissioner requires, whether in the document or otherwise
  • if it is to be given to us, it must be given in the manner that the Commissioner requires.

An approved form may be either a paper form or a 'virtual' form, for example, where the document is given electronically or by telephone.

Other Acts, such as the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993, may have their own definition of 'approved form'. Where that occurs, the requirements of that definition will apply instead of the requirements of subsection 388-50(1).

We are aware that in some instances, the legislation may state that an 'approved form' should be used but no approved form appears on the website.

In these cases, guidance may be found on our website or in the substantive legislative provision requiring an approved form to be lodged or given.

Next steps:

  • A consolidated list of approved forms is available – this list is updated regularly, however, it is not exhaustive and may assist you in locating the relevant approved form.
  • Contact us – if you require further information.

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Online forms

A number of approved forms are available on our online platforms, such as:

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Copies of forms

Some paper forms can be:

Please note: lodging in paper may delay the processing time of some forms.

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