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International dealings schedule (IDS)

Last updated 14 February 2022

If at Overseas transactions/thin capitalisation on the AMIT tax return, you:

  • answered Yes at either of the questions about overseas transactions or thin capitalisation, or
  • included an amount for overseas interest or royalty expenses,

you must lodge an International dealings schedule 2021 (NAT 73345).

See also:

Lodging the IDS for separate AMIT classes

Lodge only one IDS for the AMIT, including where you have made an election to treat classes as separate AMITs.

You must complete the IDS on an aggregate basis for the trust as a whole, including where you have elected to treat each class of the trust as a separate AMIT.

The information requested in the IDS is for information-gathering purposes only. The information you provide is not indicative of any interpretive position of the trustee or the Commissioner regarding the application of the tax laws to elective multi-class AMITs. Trustees or advisers of elective multi-class AMITs can contact the ATO to discuss the application of these laws in their particular circumstances.