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Completing this form

Last updated 15 March 2020

If you satisfy the criteria above, you or your authorised representative can use this form to apply for your DASP from a super fund or retirement savings account provider.

If you wish to apply for a DASP from more than one super fund, you must complete a separate application for each super fund. If your super fund has an application form similar to this, you can complete their application form instead of this form if you prefer.

Generally, if you do not claim your DASP from your fund within six months of leaving Australia and your visa ceasing to be in effect, your fund may be required to transfer the money to the ATO. We will hold your super until you claim it from us.

Note: This form cannot be used to claim super held by the ATO. To claim ATO-held super:

Before you complete this form

Before you complete and send this form to your fund, check:

  • if they are still holding your super or have transferred it elsewhere – and if so, where they have transferred it to
  • if your fund has rules that may restrict access to your super as a DASP
  • whether they require any other additional supporting documentation in support of your claim, other than what is specified in Section D of the form
  • if they have any specific requirements regarding the certification of documents.

Note: If you are not sure where your super is, or you want to find out how to claim electronically, you can:

Working holiday maker

You must provide your visa information on the form if you have not applied for the Certification of Immigration Status from the Department of Home Affairs and have held one of the visas below:

  • a Working Holiday visa 417
  • a Work and Holiday visa 462
  • an associated bridging visa.

This will help your fund to accurately assess your application.

How to request cancellation of your temporary visa

If you have departed Australia and want to apply for your DASP but your temporary resident visa is still current, you may be able to request an early cancellation of your visa.

Early visa cancellations are not available for all visa types and should be done using the ImmiAccountExternal Link service provided by Home Affairs.

Home Affairs does not charge a fee for cancelling a temporary resident visa, however there can be legal consequences associated with cancelling it.

For more information on visa cancellations, visit the Home AffairsExternal Link website.

Claiming DASP from a fund on behalf of a temporary resident

If you have been authorised to apply for DASP on behalf of a temporary resident you must also complete Sections and H of this form.

The super fund will require proof of your identity and proof of your authority to make the DASP application on behalf of the temporary resident member, in addition to supporting documentation for the member (as specified in Section D of the form). You should contact the fund to confirm what they require.

  • If you have authority to claim on behalf of a temporary resident and you are also their registered tax practitioner you may be able to claim DASP electronically using the DASP online intermediary application.
  • To gain access to use the DASP online intermediary application you need to have a current DASP Agreement with the ATO. You also need to have a myGovID and be linked to a business in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) to enter the system.
  • For more information, or to apply for a DASP Agreement, go to Agreement for departing Australia super payments.

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Where do I send the completed form?

Send the completed DASP application form and certified copies of your supporting documentation (as listed in Section D of the form) to your super fund. Keep a copy of your form and certified documents for your own records.

Note: Do NOT send this form to the ATO or the Department of Home Affairs – it must be lodged with your fund.

Processing your form

Your super fund should process your DASP application within 28 days of receiving the completed application and all the documentary evidence they require in support of the claim.

Your application may take longer than 28 days, or your fund may not be able to process the claim, if you do not provide all the necessary information. If you have not had a response from your fund after 28 days of submitting your claim, you should contact the fund.

Within 14 days of issuing a DASP your fund must forward you a DASP Payment Summary. A final DASP withholding tax will be applied to your super balance by the fund before the payment is issued to you. Because of this you MUST NOT include details of the payment or the tax withheld from the payment in your income tax return.

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