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About this workbook

Check when to use this workbook and why we need the information, and how to get it in a portable document format (PDF).

Last updated 24 May 2023

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When to use this workbook

Use this workbook only if question A3 Government super contributions in Individual tax return instructions 2023 told you to.

  • This workbook will help you complete question A3 in your tax return 2023.
  • Do not use any of the worksheets in Individual tax return instructions to complete question A3.
  • Use this workbook only and keep it with your tax records.
  • Do not lodge this workbook with your 2023 tax return.

A blank copy of 'A3 Government super contributions' section of the 2019 tax return. A3 Government super contributions Read A3 Government super contributions in the instructions before completing this item. Label F Income from investment, partnership and other sources: nil Label G Other income from employment and business: nil Label H Other deductions from business income: nil

Throughout this workbook when we refer to ‘question X’, we mean the item numbered X in your tax return 2023. This includes the Tax return for individuals 2023 and may also include the Tax return for individuals (supplementary section) 2023.

See the Glossary for the specific meaning of the following terms for the purposes of this workbook:

  • adjusted taxable income
  • business deductions
  • business income
  • eligible income
  • employment income
  • government super contribution
  • ineligible income
  • joint income
  • joint income group
  • low income super tax offset
  • solely earned income
  • super co-contribution
  • temporary resident
  • total income.

Why we need information at A3

We use question A3 to ensure we correctly calculate your entitlement to a Government super contribution. We need to work out your eligible income and assessable income.

For example, we will treat your partnership distributions shown at question 13 as ineligible income unless you tell us otherwise by completing question A3.

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