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Non-lodgment advice 2023

Complete the non-lodgment advice form if you do not need to lodge a tax return for the income year 2023.

Last updated 24 May 2023

Get the form

Download: Non-lodgment advice 2023 (NAT 2586, PDF 186KB)This link will download a file.

What you can do with this form

Using the non-lodgement advice form, you can:

  • download a copy of the form, print it and complete your non-lodgement advice by paper
  • lodge your non-lodgement advice by mail.

You can tell us that you don't need to lodge a return for this income year and future income years (if applicable).

What you will need

If you’re unsure whether you need to lodge, use our Do I need to lodge a tax return? tool to find out.

To complete the non-lodgment advice form, you will need:

  • your personal details (tax file number, name, date of birth and postal address)
  • to know your reason for not lodging.

Help to complete the form

See, Lodge a non-lodgment advice for advice on:

  • when you don't need to lodge a tax return
  • circumstances where you must lodge a return.

Other ways to lodge your non-lodgement advice

The quickest way to tell us you don't need to lodge is online through ATO online services. You will need to sign in to myGov or login to the ATO app.

You will get immediate confirmation that you have fulfilled your tax obligations when you lodge online.

Lodge a non-lodgment advice in ATO online services

From the ATO online homepage, follow the steps below:

  • from the menu select, Tax
  • from the dropdown list select, Lodgments
  • select, Non-lodgment advice.

If you don’t have a myGov account linked to the ATO, you'll need to create your myGov account and link it to the ATO.

What else you can do

You can also have a copy sent to you by email or post by ordering through our publications ordering serviceExternal Link. Request a, Non-lodgment advice 2023 (NAT 2586).