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Application to register a PAYG withholding account

Use this form to register for a PAYG withholding account (NAT 3377) with no Australian Business Number (ABN).

Last updated 1 February 2024

You should complete this form if you don't require an Australian business number (ABN), and you:

  • have withheld, or intend to withhold, an amount from a payment to a supplier who will not or hasn't quoted their ABN on an invoice or some other document (or haven't provided an invoice for an activity or transaction involving goods or services)
  • employ or intend to employ people, such as a nanny, cook or gardener, to work for you
  • self-manage your National Disability Insurance Scheme funds and directly employ staff
  • will pay royalties, dividends or interest to non-residents, or withhold from, or report investment income to Australian residents.

If you have an ABN and wish to register for PAYG withholding, see Add or cancel a registration.

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