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PRRT deductible expenditure schedule

Lodge this schedule with the first PRRT return for a petroleum project to notify of any PRRT deductible expenditure.

Last updated 28 June 2020

Complete and lodge a Petroleum resource rent tax (PRRT) deductible expenditure schedule (PDF, 236KB)This link will download a file (NAT 74264) to notify of any:

  • deductible expenditure incurred
  • exploration expenditure transferred, and
  • assessable receipts derived.

The schedule should include details for all years in which the entity incurred deductible expenditure, transferred exploration expenditure or derived assessable receipts up to and including the year of lodging the first PRRT return.

It must be lodged with the entity's first Petroleum resource rent tax (PRRT) return (PDF, 351KB) (NAT 9849) for a petroleum project.

If there is insufficient room on the form to provide all details for section B, download extra forms or copy section B as many times as needed.

Make a copy of the form and any attachments for your own records before mailing it to:

Australian Taxation Office
PO Box 3130

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If you need further help, phone us on 13 28 66 between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.