• End benefit notice – superannuation provider Division 293 tax

    This form is for superannuation providers to advise the ATO of their member's intention to take an end benefit and end benefit cap amount within 14 days of being notified by the ATO that a Division 293 tax deferred debt account is being kept for their member. (NAT 74728)

    How to obtain this form

    You can download this form in Portable Document Format (PDF) – Download End benefits notice – superannuation provider Division 293 tax (NAT 74728, PDF, 208KB).


    Important information

    Under Subdivision 133-C of Schedule 1 to the Tax Administration Act 1953, a superannuation provider (you) is required to provide an End benefit notice to the Commissioner stating the end-benefit cap amount and expected date of payment of the superannuation benefit where you have been advised that the Commissioner is keeping a deferred Division 293 tax debt account for the individual’s superannuation interest.

    You must provide the notice within 14 days of the first of the following:

    • receiving a request to pay a superannuation benefit
    • the superannuation benefit becoming payable.

    You must also provide the end-benefit cap amount within 14 days if the Commissioner requests it.

    If you become aware of a material change or omission in any information given on this notice, you must tell the ATO of the change or give the omitted information to the ATO. This information must be given on this form no later than seven days after you become aware of the change or omission.

    You don’t need to advise us if the superannuation benefit is any of the following:

    • a roll-over superannuation benefit paid to a complying superannuation plan that is a successor fund
    • a benefit that becomes payable under a condition of release for severe financial hardship
    • a benefit that becomes payable under a condition of release for compassionate grounds
    • a family law superannuation payment
    • a benefit specified in an instrument under subsection 133-130(2) of Schedule 1 to the Tax Administration Act 1953.

    How to complete

    Section A: Reason for lodgement

    Why are you lodging this form?

    • Original – the first notification that an end benefit has been taken
    • Amendment – a change to the benefit details.
    • Error or omission – changes to member details (TFN for the wrong member originally quoted) or an incorrect member account number has previously been reported.
    • Revoke a deferred determination – the end benefit was payable prior to the date the deferred debt account was created, as such the deferred determination needs to be revoked and the Division 293 tax made 'due and payable' (there is no requirement to complete the end benefit cap amount in Section D for this situation only).

    Section B: Fund details

    Complete the details as to the superannuation fund name, ABN/TFN and contact details.

    Section C: Member details

    Part 1

    Complete this section with the details of the member taking the benefit.

    Where the reason for completion of this form is Error or Omission insert the original member details which were previously lodged into this section and the updated information into Section C part 2

    Part 2

    Complete this section ONLY where there is an Error or Omission and insert the updated details

    By providing the information in Part 1 and Part 2 it will enable the ATO to reverse/cancel incorrect notices/debt on accounts that have previously issued to the wrong member. It will then enable us to process the updated information to the correct individual.

    Section D: Benefit details

    Complete this section with the member benefit details – dates, end benefit cap amount and death benefit and date of death (if applicable).

    Section E: Super fund declaration

    You need to complete one of the following:

    • trustee, director or authorised officer's declaration
    • authorised agent's declaration

    Read the declaration. If it is correct, print your full name then sign and date the declaration.

    For help with completing this form, phone us on 13 10 20 between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.

    If you do not speak English well and want to talk to a tax officer, phone the Translating and Interpreting Service on 13 14 50 for help with your call.

    If you have a hearing or speech impairment and have access to appropriate TTY or modem equipment, phone 13 36 77. If you do not have access to TTY or modem equipment, phone the Speech to Speech Relay Service on 1300 555 727.

    Lodging your statement

    Send the completed statement to us by mail to:

    Australian Taxation Office

    PO Box 3578

    Albury NSW 2640

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