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  • Client declaration when applying as the agent of someone else

    If you are lodging an application as the agent of another person (where they have authorised you to apply for the SMSF specific advice), you must get a declaration from that person before you lodge the application with your agent's declaration (referred to above).

    The declaration must state:

    • this document and any attached documents have been prepared in accordance with the information supplied by the entity or entities identified on this form
    • you are authorised to give the SMSF specific advice application to us
    • the information provided to you for the preparation of the SMSF specific advice application is true and correct.

    You do not need to send this declaration to the ATO with the SMSF specific advice application. Your client (or the person you are acting for) should retain the declaration and produce it if requested. You may hold the declaration on your client's behalf.

    Last modified: 13 Aug 2021QC 22130