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  • PAYG withholding variation supplement

    Complete the PAYG withholding variation supplement (NAT 5423) to the PAYG withholding variation application (NAT 2036) if you have business income and you are a sole trader, or you have non-commercial business or partnership losses.

    This supplement is non year specific and valid for one financial year.

    Don't complete this supplement if the income or loss you included in E7 of NAT 2036 is only derived from an investment in a managed investment scheme and you have a product ruling or a private binding ruling for that investment. Include income from this source at E8, E10 or E11, and the deductions at F2 of NAT 2036.

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    How to lodge

    To lodge online using an e-variation, see PAYG withholding variation application (e-variation).

    If you cannot lodge online, you can:

    • download the application or order a pdf at Order ATO publications – search for NAT 5423
    • phone us on 1300 360 221 between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday
    • phone us on 13 72 86 – Fast Key code 1 2 3 if you are a tax agent.

    Note: A printed version of PAYG withholding variation application supplement (NAT 5423) is no longer available. It is only available to download or order as a pdf.

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