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  • ATO advice and guidance

    We offer a range of products to help you understand how the law applies to you. This includes public and private advice and guidance.

    Public advice and guidance applies to a range of situations. If you can't find public advice to cover your situation, you can ask us for private advice that explains how the law applies to your particular circumstances.

    Advice and guidance

    To help you understand how the law applies to you, we offer:

    See also:

    We develop and manage public advice and guidance by assessing the risk associated with the issues, and consulting key stakeholders early and frequently throughout the process.

    Issues we are currently developing advice and guidance for are listed in:

    If you make a mistake because of our advice or guidance, the level of protection you receive depends on the product you relied on:

    In limited circumstances, the Commissioner of Taxation can use a discretionary power to resolve unforeseen or unintended outcomes in the law to create certainty.

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