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ATO guidance products

The guidance products you can use, including practical compliance guidelines.

Last updated 27 February 2017

Our guidance products, such as the content on this website, explain how the law operates generally. They often provide step-by-step guidance, are simply expressed, and don't cover all possibilities. Guidance can be provided in writing or orally.

Private written guidance may also be provided if you have written to us to ask about the operation of the law.

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Learn about Practical Compliance Guidelines which provide broad, practical law administration guidance.

Learn about the guidance we provide by phone or in person or our written guidance products.

Learn about Taxpayer alerts which provide our concerns about tax or super risks.

Learn about ATO interpretative decisions which provide a summary of a decision on an interpretative matter.

Learn about Law administration practice statements which are published to provide direction to our staff.

Learn about our Self-managed super fund regulators bulletins which provide updates on compliance risk arrangements.