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  • Lodging your report

    Organisations that process transactions for their business clients through an electronic payment system must report these transactions to us by lodging a Business transactions through payment systems report.

    You need to lodge your report by 31 July for the previous financial year. You can also lodge more frequently if you prefer, for example monthly or quarterly.

    You can prepare your report using Flat file or XML format. Flat file can be lodged using Online service for business and XML can be lodged using either Online services for business or Standard Business Reporting (SBR).

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    Testing your report

    There is an external vendor testing environment for you to test your software before you start reporting. You should use this facility to test your software using mock data.

    • To obtain a user ID and password for the test facility, complete the file transfer test facility registrationExternal Link.
    • Once you complete the online form, you will receive notification of your user ID and password in one to three days.
    • If you need help in using the test facility (including password resets), you can either    

    The test facility can be accessed from the same location.

    Once you've built and tested your software, you can test your report before you lodge in Online services for business by choosing the test function.

    This will highlight any errors and warnings you will receive if you were to lodge your file. You will need to fix any errors before lodging your report.

    How to report amendments

    If you identify an error in a data field in the Transaction period summary data record, you need to submit an amendment for that record.

    If you identify an error in a data field in the Business data record, you don't need to lodge an amendment. You can provide updated details in the following report.

    If you identify an error in data fields in both the Transaction period summary data record and business data record, you should amend all fields where an error is identified.

    When lodging an amended report you need to:

    • report the Intermediary, Reporting party and Business data records exactly as they were in the original report, except for the information that is being amended
    • ensure the date timestamp report created field in the Intermediary data record contains the new file creation date
    • report all fields in the Transaction period summary data record that haven't changed, exactly as they were in the original report
    • report amended data in each applicable data field
    • report Lodgment type = A in Business data record.

    You don't need to resubmit the entire file. Only resubmit the record that is being amended.

    If the customer reference number (CRN) changes, you need to cancel the record and submit a new original record. You cannot amend a record where the CRN changes.

    How to report cancellations

    You need to cancel a record if:

    • you identify multiple or significant errors
    • a transaction was incorrectly attributed to a client
    • the CRN of your client has changed (the CRN is a primary field and must be the same each time a business is reported on).

    When lodging a cancelled report you need to report the following exactly as they were in the original report:

    • intermediary data – the date timestamp report created field in the intermediary data record must contain the new file creation date
    • reporting party
    • business and transaction summary data records (report Lodgment type = C in Business data record).

    How to report omitted data

    If you identify that information has been omitted from a record you need to submit an amendment to report the omitted information.

    Exemptions from lodgment

    You can apply for an exemption from reporting data by writing to the Commissioner of Taxation outlining the reasons why you should be exempt.

    Address your letter to:

    Commissioner of Taxation

    Australian Taxation Office
    GPO Box 9990
    [insert the name and postcode of your capital city]

    For example:

    Australian Taxation Office
    GPO Box 9990
    SYDNEY NSW 2001

    Penalties for not reporting

    We will work with you so that you understand your reporting obligations and have access to all the information you need to prepare and lodge your report.

    Penalties may apply if you fail to lodge your report by 31 July each year.

    We will not penalise you for genuine errors or omissions but a penalty may apply for intentional false statements.

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