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  • Object to an ATO decision

    Outlines how to object to most decisions we make about your tax and super obligations and entitlements.

    Considering objecting to an ATO decision
    Briefly outlines when to consider objecting to a decision we have made about your tax or superannuation affairs.

    Decisions you can object to and time limits
    You can object to tax assessments and most other decisions we make, but there are time limits for submitting objections.

    Decisions you can't dispute via an objection
    There are decisions the law does not allow you to object to, however there are other ways to dispute these decisions.

    How to object to a decision
    An objection must be lodged in writing (on our form or in a letter) within the time limit. There is no fee.

    How we deal with your objection
    When we receive an objection, we review the facts and evidence you give and come to a decision.

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