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Complete and lodge your objection

How to lodge an objection to an ATO decision. There is no fee.

Last updated 23 June 2024

Authorising another person

Your tax agent can lodge an objection for you. You may also authorise another person (as a business or an individual) to lodge your objection for you and provide information on your behalf. They can be:

  • a spouse, relative or friend
  • a legal personal representative, such as a trustee, executor, administrator of a deceased estate, or person holding a power of attorney.

Remember they will need to include a signed declaration when they lodge your objection.


Lodge an objection by completing the Objection form – for taxpayers. The form helps you provide the necessary information and outlines the wording you need to use. You can then submit the completed form by faxing or posting it to us.

Businesses, including sole traders

The easiest way to lodge an objection is by signing into Online services for business using myGovID. After you've signed in, select ‘Lodgments’, ‘Reports and forms’ and then ‘Lodge an objection’.

Log in to Online services for business

If you’re a sole trader and don’t have access to Online services for business, use ATO online services (via myGov) to submit your objection. After you have signed into myGov, select 'Tax', 'Lodgments', 'Reports and forms’ and then ‘Lodge an objection’.

Sign in to myGov (sole traders)

You can use the Objection form – for taxpayers to help you prepare your response.

Tax professionals

To lodge an objection on behalf of a client, you can complete the Objection form – for tax professionals and lodge the form through Online services for agents, or submit it by faxing or posting it to us.