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Property and capital gains tax

How CGT affects real estate, including rental properties, land, improvements and your home.

Which records to keep for your property so you can work out CGT when you sell it.

Find out if your home is exempt from CGT, and what happens if you rent it out.

Find out if your granny flat arrangement is exempt from CGT.

How CGT applies to your rental property and what expenses you can include in your costs.

Work out how you can reduce your capital gains tax when you sell a property that you used for affordable rental housing.

Check if you need to use the market value of your property when working out your CGT.

How to work out CGT when you sell land that you subdivided or amalgamated.

Use the cost thresholds to check if your capital improvements to your property are subject to CGT.

Use the calculator or steps to work out your CGT, including your capital proceeds and cost base.