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Foreign investment in Australia

What to do if you are a foreign person investing in Australian assets.

How to get approval and register assets if you are a foreign person planning to invest in assets in Australia.

Find out about how the Register of Foreign Ownership of Australian Assets operates.

How a foreign person registers an interest in Australian assets.

How to apply for approval to purchase residential property in Australia or vary an approved application.

Vacancy fee return requirements for foreign owners of a residential dwelling.  

Application form to request a waiver or remission of a vacancy fee, foreign investment application or variation.

Find out about our compliance approach and how we engage with foreign investors about their obligations.

How property developers apply for an exemption certificate and lodge a sales report for foreign buyers.

How to tell us confidentially if you suspect, know or have made a breach of Australia's foreign investment rules.

How foreign investors can contact us about investing in Australia.

A guide to terms and definitions used in foreign investment legislation.

Work out what fees you must pay as a foreign investor when investing in residential property in Australia.