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Residential rental properties

If you own a residential rental property, find out about keeping records, declaring income and claiming expenses.

Find out about owning and renting a property and holiday home and check what records you should keep.

Find out about what records to keep and for how long for rental properties and holiday homes.

Check which rental income you must declare and where you should declare it in your tax return.

Your rental property must be rented out or genuinely available to rent to claim a deduction for expenses you incur.

If you own a rental property or holiday home, work out if your rental arrangements are for investment or business.

Check the expenses you can claim as a deduction for your rental property.

You may not be able to claim a deduction for some residential rental property expenses.

If you use your property to earn income at any time, you will have tax obligations and entitlements.

If you lodge your tax return yourself or with a tax agent, avoid these top 10 common mistakes to save time and money.

Find out about the national rental affordability scheme and investing in affordable rental housing.

Find out about deductions and tax implications if you own a holiday home.

How CGT applies to your rental property and what expenses you can include in your costs.

A guide on how to treat rental income and expenses, including how to treat residential rental property assets and items.