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Australian citizens with an Australian passport (beta) – TFN application

Australian citizens with an Australian passport can apply for a tax file number online using myGovID.

Last updated 8 October 2023

Eligibility to apply online

Apply for a TFN online using myGovIDExternal Link to receive your TFN straight away and start accessing myGov and ATO online services.

To apply for a TFN online, you must:

  • be 15 years old or older
  • have an Australian passport – it can be up to 3 years expired
  • be an Australian citizen – that is people who either
    • are born in Australia
    • have a citizenship certificate.
  • have at least one other Australian identity document – for example, a driver’s licence.

You will also need to set up a Strong myGovID.

If you don’t have a passport, apply using the Australian residents – TFN application.

Apply online with myGovID

To apply for your TFN online using myGovID, you will need to:

Set up your Strong myGovID

Verifying your photo and Strong identity strength are new features which are currently in public beta. This means we’re testing and continuing to improve the technology.

To set up your Strong myGovIDExternal Link:

  • download the myGovID app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your compatible smart device
  • enter your personal details, including your
    • full name
    • date of birth
    • personal email address – if you have an existing myGov account, the email address you provide for myGovID needs to match
  • verify your Australian Passport and one of the following Australian identity documents
    • birth certificate
    • citizenship certificate
    • driver’s licence (including learner’s permit)
    • Medicare card
  • verify your photo – this is a one-off scan that checks that you’re a real person, the right person and verifying in real time. It’s like a selfie which is compared to the photograph on your passport.

To find out how to update your myGovID email to match your myGov account, see Updating your myGovID email addressExternal Link.

Apply for your TFN

Once you are ready to apply for your TFN using your myGovID:

  • review and agree to the Terms and conditions
  • select Apply online for your TFN
  • confirm your myGovID – if you have an existing myGov account, the email address you provide for myGovID needs to match
  • sign in to your myGov account or create an account – a prompt will ask you to connect your myGovID
  • complete your TFN application.

You should receive your TFN straight away. If your TFN is displayed on screen, you can download or print a summary of your application. This will include a record of your TFN.

Once you submit your TFN online application, your myGov account will be automatically linked to ATO online services. A letter with your TFN will also be sent to your myGov Inbox.

You can then use your myGovID to sign in to your myGov account to access government online services such as the ATO, Medicare and Centrelink. To sign in with your myGovID, select Continue with Digital Identity on the myGov sign in page.

If your TFN isn’t displayed on screen, your application may need further processing – this can take up to 28 days. A reference number will display on the screen, this can be used to follow up the progress of your application.

If you haven't received your TFN after 28 days, contact us.

To prevent delays, don't lodge another application, unless we direct you to do so. We appreciate your patience during the processing period.

Apply online for your TFNOpens in a new window

This service may be impacted in part or in full by ATO system maintenance.

For known issues or errors and troubleshooting, see Help and support for online services – individuals.

Terms and conditions

By applying online for your TFN you:

  • are consenting to receive your TFN on screen
  • will not receive your TFN by post
  • will have the option to download and print your TFN
  • will have your myGov account linked to ATO online member services
  • have read the ATO myGov terms and conditions and privacy notices and agreed that
    • your myGov Inbox will be your address for the ATO to send communications electronically. Where an ATO communication is unable to be sent electronically, we will send the communication to the postal address on your records with us
    • your myGov Inbox will remain your address for the ATO to send electronic communications that you have not authorised to be sent to your Tax or BAS agent (if you have one). If you have an agent, you may authorise them to receive some or all of your ATO communications electronically
    • your myGov may notify you when mail is sent to your Inbox and that you agree to regularly access your myGov Inbox to check for ATO communications
    • you understand that to access ATO Online services through myGov, you must use either your digital identity, myGov security codes or the myGov Code Generator to confirm your identity.
  • nominate Services Australia on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia to receive and disclose information about you for the purposes of managing your myGov account.

If you don't consent, select an alternative method to apply for a TFN.