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  • Study and training support loans

    Explains income contingent loans for undertaking higher education, trade apprenticeships and other training programs.

    How study and training support loans work
    A brief overview of how study and training support loans work, including a video.

    Types of loans
    You can find a number of loans available from the Australian Government to help you complete further training and study.

    View your loan account online
    How to log on to our online services to view your loan account information, such as your payment reference number (PRN).

    When you must repay your loan
    You must start repaying your loan when your repayment income exceeds the minimum repayment threshold.

    Compulsory repayments
    How and when compulsory repayments of your study and training support loan are made through the income tax system.

    Voluntary repayments
    You can make voluntary repayments at any time to help reduce your balance.

    Overseas repayments
    Provide an overseas travel notification and report your worldwide income if you have a study or training support loan.

    Deferring repayments
    You may apply to defer your compulsory repayment or overseas levy if you are in serious hardship or for other reasons.

    VET FEE-HELP Student Redress Measures
    Redress measures for VET FEE-HELP students who incurred debts due to inappropriate conduct by their VET provider.

    Study and training loans – what's new
    Content related to any new legislation for study and training loans.

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