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  • Personal deductible contributions

    Your personal deductible contributions are personal contributions you make to a super fund. You can claim your super contributions as a tax deduction on your individual tax return if you meet certain eligibility criteria.

    If you made a personal contribution and did not claim a deduction for it, that amount is not a reportable super contribution.

    Example: Personal deductible contributions

    In the 2013–14 income year, Fred is self-employed and earns $40,000. Fred is not an employee for the purposes of super guarantee law.

    Fred contributes $1,000 to his super fund. If he lodges a notice of intent to deduct and his super fund acknowledges that notice:

    • he can claim a personal tax deduction of $1,000
    • his taxable income is $39,000 if he claims no other deductions.

    For income tests that include reportable super contributions, Fred’s income is $40,000 ($39,000 taxable income, plus the $1,000 reportable super contribution amount).

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