• How and when DASP is paid

    Your DASP will generally be paid within 28 days of receipt of your completed application; however, it may take longer if you submit an incomplete application or your super fund requires additional supporting documents.

    There are three possible payment options:

    • cheque
    • electronic funds transfer (EFT) to an Australian bank account
    • international money transfer (IMT) – for fund applications only.

    However, for super held by us, you can only choose the cheque or EFT options.

    Not all super funds make payments electronically, and fees and charges (including currency conversion fees) may apply. Check with your fund before you make a request for payment by EFT or IMT.

    How DASP is taxed

    A final DASP tax will be withheld from your payment when it is made. The payment may be made up of two components – a tax-free component, and a taxable component (that may have a taxed element and/or an untaxed element). From 1 July 2017, a tax rate of 65% is applied to your DASP if it includes super contributions made while you were a working holiday maker (WHM).

    The DASP tax rates that apply to payments made from 1 July 2017 are:

    Payment component

    DASP ordinary tax rate
    (for non-WHM)

    DASP WHM tax rate

    Tax-free component



    Taxable component - taxed element



    Taxable component - untaxed element



    The payer of the DASP must issue you a DASP payment summary within 14 days of making the payment. The DASP payment summary will tell you what DASP tax was withheld and the amount issued to you.

    From 1 July 2017, DASP payment summaries issued by us will have a 'H' indicator at the DASP type when the DASP WHM tax rate was applied. The indicator will be blank where the DASP ordinary tax rate was applied.

    Find out about:

    Don't include DASP in your tax return

    DASP does not form part of your assessable income for Australian tax purposes.

    A final tax is withheld from DASP when the payment is made – so neither the payment nor the tax should be included in your tax return.

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