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Episode 38 – Chris Jordan: Commissioner of Taxation

Last updated 1 May 2023

When Chris Jordan was appointed Commissioner of Taxation in 2013, he came in with a mandate to reinvent the organisation – to work more cohesively with tax professionals and business and improve the services provided to the community. He had a vision of a tax office that put taxpayers at the centre of everything it did. He led the organisation on a change program that set about reinventing not only the systems and processes used to serve clients, but the culture of the organisation as well.

When COVID-19 emerged in 2020, the ATO played a key role in the delivery of vital government stimulus to millions of Australians. This feat was made possible largely because of the systems in place and the responsive and service-orientated culture of the staff.

In our latest episode, hear directly from Chris Jordan about his journey to the ATO, his experiences running a large service organisation and the legacy he intends to leave.

Please enjoy our conversation with the Commissioner.

Media: Chris Jordan: Commissioner of Taxation Link (Duration: 22:20)