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About file transfer

Last updated 1 June 2022

With file transfer you can:

Before using file transfer:

  • to lodge or test a file, you must generate one in a supported format from your providers' business management software
  • you need a permission set in Access Manager for the file or report you wish to send to us
  • contact your Access Manager, access administrator or principal authority to check your permissions if you cannot access file transfer.

How to use file transfer

Navigate to file transfer using:

Follow these steps for a list of the reports you can lodge:

  1. Select What files can I lodge here in the dropdown menu on the right.
  2. Select Lodge on the right-hand side of the banner to navigate to the Lodge file screen.
  3. Here you can choose to lodge or test your file.
  4. All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.
  5. Select Lodge the file.
  6. Select Attach file and your browser will open a window to select a file.
  7. When the checkbox is checked, a notification will be sent when a validation report is ready. Uncheck if necessary.
  8. Enter an email address. You can prefill with your current preference or update it.
  9. Select Submit.

After you submit your file:

  • a receipt will be confirmed and the file will be validated for errors
  • once the file has been validated (if you chose this option), you'll be notified by email
  • select the drop-down arrow against the file to view the validation report and click on the hyperlink to see if your file has been            
    • successfully tested or lodged
    • completed with warnings
    • rejected with errors.

You can also check the status of your transfer by opening File transfer and locating the report.

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