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Last updated 3 October 2023

View pre-fill and pre-generated reports, and lodge various reports and non-lodgment advice.

Using the lodgments menu
How to use the lodgments menu.

Activity statements
View your client's activity statement history and lodge any due or overdue activity statements.

Income tax
View details of your client's income tax history and the progress of their tax return.

Non-lodgment advice
View and submit non-lodgment advice for eligible financial years.

Excise duty return
Prepare, submit, view and amend your client's excise return.

Excise claims
Prepare, filter, submit and check the status of your client’s excise claims .

Taxable payments annual report
Prepare and lodge your client's TPAR, view and amend previously lodged TPARs and submit TPAR non-lodgment advice.

Client reports
You can view and download client reports including pre-filled reports and pre-generated reports.

Reported transactions
Access a list of reported transactions in financial year order for a maximum of 4 years.

Client forms
View forms relevant for your client.