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Excise duty return

Last updated 12 November 2023

Use an excise return to:

  • request authorisation to deliver excisable goods into home consumption (into the Australian domestic market)
  • report excise liabilities arising under a periodic settlement permission (PSP).

To access the form:

  • select Client
  • select Lodgments
  • select Excise duty return
  • select the type of return, then Prepare
  • complete all mandatory fields and review the information
  • tick Declaration box and select Submit.

View or amend (Excise duty return)

  • select Client
  • select Lodgment then Excise duty return
  • select History
  • List of previous returns will be displayed
  • Select Period hyperlink to view and amend the previous return
  • Select Edit make amendment, sign the Declaration and Submit

If you need assistance to lodge online contact us.