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Paying benefits

Help for super funds paying benefits, with details on what they may need to consider.

Last updated 25 September 2018

Super funds paying benefits may need to consider conditions of release, calculating taxable and tax-free components of benefits, departing Australia super payment, income streams, death benefits, pay as you go (PAYG) withholding and taxation of benefits.

Find out about:

A fund can only pay a member's super benefits when the member meets certain conditions of release.

Temporary residents who accumulate super while working in Australia may claim super from their fund.

Your fund can pay benefits to a member as an income stream if the member has met one of the conditions of release.

Transition to retirement income streams assist members to gradually move to retirement.

How a retirement product can be an innovative retirement income stream.

Payment made to a person or trustee of a deceased estate after the member had died.

How to meet pay as you go (PAYG) withholding and reporting obligations when paying a super benefit to a member.

What you should do if you withhold an incorrect amount of tax for a member's super payments.

The taxation of a super benefit paid from a complying super fund.